How you can donate to the phly ministry

The above image of the water drop causing a ripple is  exactly what your donations will do in the PhLY Community. Your financial support allows us to minister to the youth in the community by providing opportunities to build relationships, foster the spirit of team building, and impacting their faith and self-worth. Your financial support allows youth to participate in monthly activities, annual retreats, and mission work at little to no cost to the youth or their families. Your legacy will be past to this generation of youth who will pass on the gifts they have been blessed with to this generation and beyond,.  Your financial blessing to PhLY is an investment in today's church. The youth are not the church of tomorrow, but they ARE the church of today. 

ways you can donate:



If you attend one of our partnering congregations you can make a donation by writing PhLY in the memo of your check or giving envelope. e.

Mail checks to


Celebration Lutheran Church

8726 W Olive Ave

Peoria, AZ 85345


*Make checks out to Celebration Lutheran memo PhLY


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