Jan 14-17 2022 Winter RE-treat

The theme of the weekend was “RE-.” Throughout the weekend the youth participated in meditations that encouraged them to release their burdens, refocus on their dreams, remember Jesus loves them and wants to be in a relationship with them, relax, reconnect with peers and nature, and return home refreshed and repurposed.

We participated in Low Ropes/Group Challenge Courses encouraging teamwork, support, and participation. There was just enough snow the youth were able to sled on, for at least one of the youth it was the first time they had ever been in snow. We also enjoyed a variety of new group games, a nature hike, archery, basketball, tetherball, and laser tag.

We did service projects for Camp ALOMA every day by raking pine needles, cutting down thorn bushes, putting away lake equipment, and deep cleaning the facility prior to leaving.

Camp ALOMA’s facility is fantastic for retreats. Leah, Camp ALOMA Director, is extremely hospitable, accommodating, and a great resource. Leah spent a lot of time with us leading the Group Challenge Course, cooking and serving all meals, and just socializing with adults and youth.

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