Jan 16 2021 Movie Discussion 17 Again

Today we talked about the movie 17 Again. If you haven't seen the movie it stars Zac Efron playing basketball and making friends, sounds like another Zac Efron movie right? In this movie we see that second chances are not always what we think we want. In our discussion one of the youth revealed how the feel teens today are being forced to grow up even faster, especially if they want to achieve big things and go to college. We talked how this generation of youth have access to so much information ad those who choose to spend their time using their resources are able to be better prepared for their passions. Many of the youth on the call today are very passionate about social justice issues and are trying so hard to make a difference in today's society. When they look back at being 17 they will see they were impacting lives a great deal and making their voices heard in hopes of making a better tomorrow.

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