July 11 Zoom "I'm Awesome"

When the theme of today's lesson, "Hello, I'm Awesome" was first put on my heart I had no idea what it would turn into. At first everyone went around and shared what they are good at and things they have done to help their community. It was uplifting to hear the different things they are passionate about and ways they can use their abilities... and then... one of our youth was challenged to connect NHL (hockey) to church and away we went. She shared how the NHL is currently trying to recruit younger fans by using new mediums such as Youtube and TikTok instead of the traditional sports networks and news paper. She shared her ideas on how churches could use these same mediums to reach her generation by doing segments that show how the ELCA is truly welcoming and not judgy, show a day in the life of a pastor, but not the church stuff, the stuff that makes them relatable to people outside the church.

She shared how she has been going to hockey games since she was a child and the people in her section have become like family to her even though the only thing they have in common is their love for hockey, much like she feels connected to people that go to her church and the only thing they may have in common is they go to the same church. By being able to share her passion for hockey and being challenged to relate it to her faith she opened up in ways she never had before. We then talked about how each of our passions can be the thing that helps us relate to others and then we can make the connection of our passions, hobbies, interest to our faith and it seems to become easier to share with others. She was so moved by the positive feedback she received from everyone she started affirming everyone else in the room by sharing how they had touched her life, if only through our weekly Zoom events. 

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