July 25 2020 Zoom Christmas in July

Our Zoom event this week, "Christmas in July," gave us the opportunity to reflect how Jesus comes into our lives in very humble ways much like his birth. We shared how and where we have seen and felt Jesus presence in our lives during this pandemic. Some shared how during this time they have had more time to devote to connecting tot heir faith through adding in daily devotions, connecting with new innovative online groups, and are enjoying watching inspirational videos. Others shared how during this time they do feel separated from their faith since they don't get the weekly connection of in person worship in a church setting. We then challenged each other to take the time to notice those moments where we feel "God Bumps" those times where the spirit just moves in us, sometimes in the smallest ways, like a smile from a stranger, a genuine compliment from a friend, a song that lifts us up, or even enjoying the rain for a brief second.

We watched a modern retelling of the birth of Christ as told through social media posts. I encourage you to watch it as it is a very fun modern retelling of the story.

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