June 6 Zoom Scattegories

Tonight's PhLY we played several round of Scattegories. Playing this game helped us see that sometimes we all have the same answers and other times we come up with very different answers. This helped as we then talked about perspective as we watched the video "The Caterpillar and the Snail." We are reminded that we all have very different lives and though we may not understand why someone responds different than we do doesn't mean they are wrong. The community shared their thoughts on the events around the country this week. We talked about how true change happens from within and we all need to work on closing our eyes and opening them to the way God sees with the eyes of love. Next week we will be enjoying an indoor scavenger hunt.

I want to share with you the closing prayer that one of our adult leaders prepared for us. Dear gracious God, On this day Saturday June 6, 2020 in which marks the 76th anniversary of D-Day you remind us of your children, unknown or known, who died on the beaches of Normandy, France. Through the generations of your children, o Lord, you have taught us two important things in life; loving thy neighbor and sacrifice through non Biblical events or Biblical events. We ask you to teach us to not hate each other based on sex, ethnicity, or social status, but to rather show the kindness and love and humanity of being your children. According to the books of Galatians chapter 3 verse 28 “ there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male or female, for you are all one in Christ”. Through your teaching, you have shown us that even when the world divides and it’s race vs race you don’t see everybody based on ethnicity, social status, or gender. You have shown us that holding a bias towards one group of people over another is a sin. We won’t overcome racism by ignoring all the unique and beautiful ways that God had made each of us. Help us to close our eyes and to reopen them through your eyes in your point of view of the world instead of our own point of view of the world. We asked you o Lord to give comfort, strength, and love to the family, and friend’s of those lives unknown or known who died during the pandemic, World War 2, racial attacks, and natural disasters in America and to also continue to keep those children of Christ memory alive in our prayers as if they were apart of our own family . Raise up those family’s and friends who mourn the loss of they’re loved ones and to show them that this is not a time to mourn their loss loved one but to celebrate the live of those who died. We also ask to be with the family’s , and community members who are stressed , or have anxiety, or who have suicidal thoughts because of the loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or even loss of a home and to remind us to clear our heads of everything negative that is going on in the world and to always remember that you will always be there by are side when we need you the most and to always remember that there is always grace when we need it the most. For the past 2 or 3 decades the world has continued to go through the ongoing fight for equality we hear the chants black lives matter growing louder and louder by the days and the years, but you always remind us to all link arms physically and to unite as one because we are your children and we should not go through this alone. You are the beacon of hope and the warm hands, o Lord, your light shines brighter in the fog ness of times of unknown, or times of political turmoil, or times of uncertainty, or even the times of repeated episodes of racial injustice in the world.

In Christ’s Jesus name Amen

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