May 23 Family Feud

Tonight in our PhLY event we had a great time sharing stories of family traditions, memories, similarities, and differences. We all agreed that family traditions mean a lot to us and family is there for us even when they drive us nuts. 

Sam Perez (Faith) shared this prayer with us that brought tears to our eyes.  Dear gracious God continue to be that shinning beacon of hope in the darkness in the time of unknown. Continue to show us that a church that prays together stays together no matter what happens in all of our life’s. Continue to give us the patience and the strength to fight the urge to go out of our homes and go back to a normal lifestyle and to show us that our sacrifice is not only for our family’s health or ourselves but for safety of the community in which we all live in. We ask you o Lord to help protect and give strength to the people who’s lives were effected by the flood in Michigan state while they also deal with the current pandemic in today’s world. We thank you for the men and woman who served in the military, navy , or marines who sacrifice they’re lives for our freedom and to keep they’re memory’s alive in our prayers throughout memorial weekend and they’re family’s who mourn the lost of they’re loved ones. We thank for us meeting tonight. In God's name, Amen

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